Assen has posted the following message after MotoGP announced that this year's Dutch TT - plus the German and Finnish rounds - have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

This year should have marked the 90th anniversary of the Dutch TT, which has been held every year since 1925, pausing only for the second World War (1939-1945).

The 2020 cancellation also means Assen will also lose its record as the only circuit to have been on the motorcycle grand prix calendar every year since the inaugural 1949 season…

Rossi: Cornering Through Time |

'Unfortunately, due to the recent developments and consequences of the worldwide corona crisis, the 90th TT Assen will be postponed until June 2021. Of course, the TT Circuit Assen organisation is very disappointed, but it is a decision that makes sense during these uncertain times.

'The health of the fans and all other parties involved is our highest priority. We look to the future with hope and will make the TT in 2021 a motorcycle extravaganza like never before. Tickets that have already been purchased will remain valid.

'Moving the 90th TT means that the TT will not take place on the planned date for the first time in 75 years.

"Since 1925, with the exception of the war between 1940 – 1945, the TT has always been on the calendar. Not having a TT in 2020 is a sad break with our beautiful, illustrious history. Not having a TT is what many would have called unthinkable a few months ago.

'The TT, the only Grand Prix in the world to always be on the World Cup calendar. 165,000 motorsport fans celebrating for three days straight. With 105,000 visitors on the competition day, it was last year’s biggest [race day] Grand Prix worldwide. That TT is not on this year’s calendar anymore.

'In the past days, we have received many heart-warming reactions from fans, from the Netherlands and abroad. That is very motivating to us. It’s incredible to see and hear how deep the TT lies in the hearts of motorsport fans. Fans from all over the world, young and old, from the main stands to the Taluds, from Groningen to Maastricht, from party animals to the real experts on the sport, from Rossi to Márquez.

'One thing is certain: history is always made at TT Assen. ‘Feel Free at the TT’ it said on our posters and in our videos. This freedom was taken away from us this year by the corona crisis. But we’ll be back! The picture of the TT monument shows this beautifully: no matter how dark it gets, it will always lighten up again.

'We will be making history again in 2021. And we will do that with you! See you in Assen!'