Marc Marquez is almost certain to miss the second round of the 2020 MotoGP World Championship after breaking his arm in a spectacular crash during the closing stages of the Spanish MotoGP.

The Spaniard was making rapid gains up the order from an earlier off when he suffered a violent high-side with just three laps remaining at Turn 3.

Falling heavily on his side, doctors have since revealed he has suffered a fracture to the humerus in his right arm, an injury that will necessitate surgery but not until Tuesday 21st July at the earliest as doctors first need to stabilise the limb.

Indeed, despite the severity of the high-side, doctors say it was the relatively innocuous glancing blow he received to the right arm during the latter stages of the crash itself that dealt the most harm.

MotoGP Traumatology Specialist Dr Mir, said: "Marc Marquez has suffered an injury, it seems, from a direct impact of the tyre to the right arm, resulting in a fracture to the shaft of the humerus, a complete fracture although it isn’t completely displaced, with some possible paralysis of the radial nerve, although we’re not certain. This injury has been immobilised here for when they decide to move him to Barcelona to carry out a definitive treatment.”

With this in mind, it is almost certain Marquez won’t ride in Jerez again next weekend, with MotoGP Medical Director Dr Charte suggesting Brno or even Round 4 in Austria as being the more likely return date

“Tomorrow Dr Mir will leave for Barcelona to proceed with treatment, if there is no more news regarding the tissue, to surgically treat the humerus. That being said, we can’t say in any absolute terms if he will be at the next race or Brno or Austria. It’s not the moment, we’ll talk about it next week.”