The end of Qualifying for the Aragon MotoGP saw a strange collision between Aleix Espargaro and his younger brother Pol, just behind Alex Marquez at the final corner.

The speed difference suggested Aleix, Marquez or both had been going slowly on the racing line, but Pol kept his thoughts to himself.

"Everything was going very good until that last corner. I would have had the ideal time to make the second row but then this happened," said Pol.

"I’m sorry guys but I will not talk about it. I don’t want to talk about other riders because in the past my words have been distorted and I don’t want to get into trouble any more."

Aleix did speak about the incident and was clear about what he feels happened.

"Well, it was not very strange. Alex Marquez was in the middle and I had to pick up my bike to avoid contact with him and then Pol hit me," said the Aprilia rider.

"I was pushing. Actually on this lap I did my record in the first split. Then in the last corner, Alex was in the middle of the line.

"Maybe I was a bit wide on the brakes because I was risking everything! And when I picked up the bike to avoid contact, Pol hit me. So, unfortunately, our qualifying was finished.

"My brother hit me super, super hard on the rear of the bike and hit the rear part of my foot and ankle. It's sore. I think nothing is broken. But it’s getting bigger! I’m okay.

"But I really don’t understand how one guy in MotoGP in the last corner, where we arrive at 350km/h, can be in that corner in the middle, stopped. It's… anyway."

Repsol Honda rookie Marquez, who took his first MotoGP podium last weekend at Le Mans, said:

"I don't know what happened, I saw on the TV but only really fast. I was trying to get behind Viñales, but then I saw that Pol and Aleix were coming.

"I said, 'OK, I don't want to be in the middle', so I went wide, and I think both were going also a little bit wide, or a little bit too late in braking.

"So Aleix cut the gas, and Pol was coming. I think for me it's not that Aleix put it in the middle on purpose, so for me, it's not any penalty."

Both Espargaro brothers were called to Race Direction after qualifying, but no penalty has been announced by the FIM Stewards.

Aleix qualified 9th, Marquez 11th and Pol 12th.