Jack Miller's Teruel MotoGP race lasted less than two corners when he was hit from behind by rookie Brad Binder, sending them both tumbling through the gravel.

The pair started 14th (Miller) and 15th (Binder) on the grid, but the KTM rider was caught out by the pack ahead bunching up on entry to Turn 2.

Binder, who took full responsibility for the incident and immediately apologised, later received a Long Lap penalty from the FIM Stewards, to be served at the next race in Valencia.

"Not much to say really. Really exciting race, lasted all of two corners," Miller said. "I got a decent start, got to the inside, passed about three blokes, was doing nothing really strange but got hit from the rear and the bike sort of half-highsided me and then kept shaking.

"It got worse and worse and I ended up going into the gravel and crashing. Not ideal.

"Thankfully I'm OK for how bad I tumbled. Both shoulder [pads] were destroyed, both knees, every bit of the suit was destroyed. So it definitely did its job. But just happy to walk away from that one."

Binder was seen putting his arm around Miller in the gravel trap as the Pramac Ducati rider tried to work out what had happened.

"I knew I must have got hit because it wasn't a normal highside or anything like that. I just stood up and saw Brad and I was like, 'what the f**k?'" Miller said.

"I got my helmet off and asked him 'what happened' and he said, 'I don't know man, I'm sorry'. So I told him don't worry about it. That's racing sometimes, especially here where it's so tight in the corners as well.

"When I watched it back, it just looked like he misjudged the group's speed and I was just the unlucky one to be in that spot. He needs to come to his senses sometimes, but we've all done it. I've done it, so I'm not going to sit here and curse him out. It is what it is."

Miller has now suffered four DNFs this season, of which only Jerez was his own accident. A tear-off was sucked into his air intake at Misano, followed by an engine failure at Le Mans and now the tangle with Binder at Aragon.

All of which has left the Australian ninth in the world championship, with three rounds to go.