Andrea Dovizioso says he can look back at his MotoGP career so far and feel satisfied with his achievements as he prepares to begin a year out of the sport at the conclusion of the Portuguese MotoGP in Portimao.

Having made his MotoGP debut back in 2008, Dovizioso has only competed with three different manufacturers in that time - four seasons on a Honda, one on a Yamaha and eight with Ducati.

Though his time at Ducati is concluding on somewhat bitter terms as a result of him being unable to agree on a new contract for 2021, he is nonetheless proud of the results the two parties have produced in eight seasons.

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Joining in 2013 as the manufacturer became bogged down in the midfield, Dovizioso has been credited with turning its fortunes around, culminating in 14 wins and the runners-up spot in each of the last three seasons before 2020.

While some have questioned whether he had the ability to really ever beat Marc Marquez on the Honda in his prime, Dovizioso says that while the title didn’t come his way, he is satisfied to have taken the project from the lows of where he started to the lofty heights of the podium.

“I will be happy, because in the last three years we couldn’t win the title which was our goal but if I think about those three years I don’t feel we lost either. 

“We came very far and I think what we did together was something special, we were against Marc and Honda, so it was very difficult for us to beat them but I am really happy about those three years. 

“I think we made an important step and I made an important step on my career for what I was able to show. But in this moment, I really want to believe for the future.”

While Dovizioso insists this is not a retirement, he nonetheless says the 2019 Austrian MotoGP - when he defeated Marquez on the final corner to win - as his favourite moment from the past 12 years

“Fortunately there were more than one where we finished [first] in the last corner but the last big emotion was last year in Austria because it was an important moment. 

“We were struggling and everyone expected the victory from us, but we weren’t fastest before the race because Marc was faster than us, but at the end we made the right choice and we won in the last corner. 

“When you win at the last corner, the adrenaline is something crazy, we are very lucky to have a chance to finish something like that. When you have friends there at the track, on the first corner when you finish, it was very nice.”