Czech Republic MotoGP organisers have warned the event will drop off the 2021 MotoGP schedule over a disagreement with Dorna and local authorities regarding upgrade and hosting fees.

The event, held at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno, has been a mainstay of the MotoGP schedule for decades and regularly attracts one of the largest spectator numbers.

Dorna has stipulated it must undergo a major facility overhaul totalling almost €3m for the event to secure its place on the 2021 schedule. However, as the venue is privately owned the bill falls both to private investors and the local government, who say that - coupled with the sizeable hosting fees - is a figure that cannot be reached.

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With Dorna rebuffing calls to lower the hosting fee to compensate, Brno Mayor Marketa Vankova counters that it is resisting upgrading the venue because there is no assurance spectators will be permitted to attend the 2021 event anyway and the region has more pressing emergencies.

“Dorna insists on a complete overhaul of the track for 100 million crowns. Due to the covid, we are not sure whether next year would go with the audience, or whether people will want to travel from abroad.

“At a time when we are addressing the main needs of the city so that we do not have to increase fees for waste or public transport, it would seem to me highly irresponsible to commit the city to such a commitment.”

While Dorna has so far made no comment, even President of the Czech Republic Auto Club has sided with the local authorities on the matter.

“I am the president of the National Sports Authority and the Vice President of the International Federation, so I am very sorry. I know how hard it is once a race doesn’t go once to get back. I am also sorry because I have repeatedly offered to help from these two positions in negotiations with Dorna, because I know Mr. Ezpeleta personally and we meet at MotoGP.”