Tech3 Moto3 rider Deniz Oncu and twin brother Can were both fortunate to escape serious injury in a major road traffic accident in Turkey.

The pair, plus a friend who was driving, were all sitting in the front of a van as they made their way to a training session at Kenan Sofuoglu's track when they were hit head-on by a lorry travelling in the opposite direction that appears to have crossed into their lane.

Although the van was practically destroyed, none of the trio suffered serious harm and while Kawasaki Puccetti WSS rider (and former Moto3 race winner) Can suffered deep cuts to his right arm, all were discharged from hospital within a few hours and are now recuperating at Sofuoglu’s home.

"I was informed by Kenan immediately after the accident and a few hours later I spoke with Can and saw him over a video call. It was a real miracle," said Can's team principal Manuel Puccetti.

"Our rider is calm now but shaken up about what happened of course. I was able to get a smile out of him by telling him that it’s as if he won a world championship today, and from April we will try to help him win another.

"It’s incredible that no one was hurt. The van was destroyed in the impact with a lorry that was travelling in the opposite direction, but that invaded the lane the brothers and their friend were in.

"A bad episode that will luckily sort itself out with just a few weeks of convalescence”.