UPDATE: Sunday's statement by Dr Nicola Cilloni: "Fausto's general clinical conditions are still serious due to the persistence of a Covid-related pneumonia which greatly compromises blood oxygenation, making it necessary to continue mechanical ventilation alongside sedation to maintain sufficient oxygen in the blood. Fortunately, the other organs are not currently damaged. Postural manoeuvers and the use of specific inhalation medicaments have been planned, with the aim to improve breathing".

After several days of positive news on the condition of MotoGP team boss Fausto Gresini, an update from his son Lorenzo revealed that the 59-year-old Italian was suffering from a high fever on Saturday.

Gresini has been in the intensive care unit of a Bologna hospital since December 30, where he continues to require a mechanical ventilator due to respiratory difficulties (low blood oxygenation) caused by Covid-19.

Alongside his latest update, Lorenzo emphasised that the dangers posed by the Coronavirus are not limited to elderly people or those with pre-existing medical conditions.

"Before this virus he was always a healthy 59-year-old," Lorenzo Gresini posted on Facebook, adding that he's been told of "people who are 10-11 years [younger than] him and in full health who now struggle and are in the same situation."

The full update can be seen below:

"⚠️ Update ⚠️

"Hi everyone, yesterday dad had a high fever worsening, I don't like to dwell in explanations on social media, I'm mainly writing to update friends near and far who follow us, but above all to raise awareness... it's [Covid] said to affect people who have other diseases or elderly people, but I know my dad and I guarantee you that before this virus he was always a healthy 59-year-old. I have also been told stories of people who are 10-11 years [younger than] him and in full health who now struggle and are in the same situation. This is to tell you to be absolutely careful and if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for others.

"A thought and hug to doctors, nurses, families and anyone who fights this invisible monster."


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