Reigning MotoGP champion Joan Mir believes the 'super dangerous' main straight incident with Jack Miller in Sunday's Doha race was intentional and, as such, deserves a penalty.

Mir had forced the Ducati rider wide with a clumsy move into Turn 10 earlier on the same lap, as they battled over fifth place halfway through the race.

The Suzuki rider raised his leg in apology as he went past, but as he exited the final corner on a wider line, Miller unleashed his superior straight-line speed.

The Australian glanced across as he faded to the outside of the track, before barging shoulders with Mir as they slammed together at the end of the kerbing.

Both kept control before gesticulating angrily at each other down the straight and again on the slowdown lap, after finishing in seventh (Mir) and ninth (Miller) places.

"What happened with Jack in turn 10 is that it was the only place I could overtake. I took the right position. He decided to stay on the outside. He maintained his line. We touched a bit. I picked up the bike," Mir said.

"I understand it was a risky manoeuvre, but it was not over the limits. It was OK. Then I moved the leg to apologise because when something like this happened in a race I like to apologise, I like to avoid it.

"Then I was wide in the last corner. When I came wide, I saw jack. He moved his head like he saw me. I went to the kerb, on the outside of the line as much as I could. He just came across over me and we both touched. We almost crashed on the straight. It was super risky, super dangerous. That’s it."

Race Direction announced during the race that no further action would be taken, but Mir felt it was not a normal racing incident.

"I think it was intentional… My team will judge if they have to appeal. For sure it has to be investigated. These manoeuvres are over the limit. If it was intentional like I said, he deserves a penalty. If not, no. But I think he moved the head [to look at me].

"If you have time, compare the images of Aleix and myself to the images of Jack Miller and myself. Aleix Espargaro went wide at the last turn. He saw that I was coming. He moved a little bit to the outside. I saw him also. I didn’t come to hit him. I just respect the rivals.

"I think Jack didn’t show respect in this case. It was the same manoeuvre but with different riders. You can judge.

"For my team, the manoeuvre of Jack was not the best one. They will decide."

Suzuki later told that, after reviewing the videos, they have decided not to file an appeal.

Miller meanwhile played down the Mir incident.

"There were a few contacts… A bit of contact here and there. It was just one of those things. Everyone saw what happened and we continued to race after that," said the Australian.

"I mean, I got hit I think three times already before [that incident]. So it seemed to be that was the way the race was going. That’s all.

"He looked at me after the race. And I looked at him. It was what it was. He went wide and came in. No one else was concerned with where I was. That’s how it was."

Miller also revealed he will have his right-arm examined and perhaps undergo surgery after struggling with arm pump in the closing laps.

"After the Mir incident I was able to push and close the gap. I did some of my best laps and then I started to suffer from arm pump on the right hand side. I also had a bit of arm pump last week. I don’t know if it’s to do with this track, or to do with the wind. We need to understand it. So (we’ll) probably try to get something sorted this week," said the #43.

"Most likely [surgery]," he confirmed. "I’m on the flight tonight. We’ll try and get something sorted. If we do it, it needs to be done ASAP. There needs to be a quick turnaround. I don’t want to have another race like that. I felt fantastic until the last 4 laps when I couldn’t really feel the front brake lever or be as smooth with the throttle.

"It’s something I get in the beginning of the season and then it works its way out, but with how quick everything is going, we don’t have time. I want to be able to push all the way until the end and be physically fine.

"But we finished 5-seconds off first and I probably lost 2-seconds after the incident with Mir."

Mir returns to Europe sixth in the world championship (18-points from Johann Zarco) with Miller in ninth (-26 points).