After returning to Europe Danilo Petrucci underwent scans that revealed he dislocated his shoulder in the opening lap accident at the Qatar MotoGP.

The Italian was thrown from his Tech3 KTM after clipping the back of Alex Marquez's Honda.

Although his shoulder was sore, Petrucci returned for the Doha round the following weekend where he was as high as sixth in free practice before qualifying 17th and finishing the race in 19th.

"After coming back home I did an MRI on the shoulder and discovered that in the first race I had dislocated it," Petrucci said at Portimao on Thursday. "It went out and then rejoined in the normal place and for this reason I felt a lot of pain. Fortunately, there was no damage to the ligament but a big inflammation.

"Since Qatar I've worked as much as possible to be fit for this race. Fortunately, I had anti-inflammation but then had inflammation on the right shoulder because I was riding the bike with one arm!"

Asked why the dislocation was not spotted in Qatar, Petrucci explained: "It was impossible because in Qatar as we only moved from the hotel to the circuit and back! We [would have] had to make a special request to do an MRI.

"I dislocated the shoulder but it re-joined in the normal position and I was able to move it and with a painkiller and anti-inflammatory I was able to race, so it was not critical.

"For sure after the race, on Monday, it was difficult for me to move the arm.

"We had already planned to have the MRI [in Europe] and it showed what we thought. The muscle and the tendons had stretched a bit and I felt the shoulder quite unstable. Doing any extra rotation is not possible at the moment but on the bike you are in just one position and it’s enough, I hope."

While Qatar has always been a tough venue for KTM, Portimao saw Petrucci's Tech3 predecessor Miguel Oliveira dominate with pole position and victory last November.

"Here we know we have a good chance, a good opportunity because from what I understand this track fits quite well to our bike," Petrucci confirmed.

"So it’s only my second track that we try with this bike and it suits us more so I’m really looking forward to trying it, especially as we have data from Miguel who was the fastest all the time."

Petrucci finished 16th in his final race for Ducati at Portimao.



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