Marc Marquez may have continued to play down his victory chances for much of the Sachsenring MotoGP weekend, but by Saturday evening younger brother Alex was in 'no doubt' that Marc had a 'big chance' to win the German race.

Alex hadn't been so sure heading into the weekend, following a tough outing for all the Honda riders in Catalunya, where Marc crashed out for a third race in a row. 

But the #93 went on to deliver some of his old Sachsenring magic and claim Honda's much-needed first MotoGP victory since 2019. Most significantly, it was Marquez's first win since coming back from a serious right arm injury that saw him sidelined for nine months.

"Coming into Germany, everything was open. After all the problems that we had in Montmelo the question mark was there," said Alex. "But after Saturday I had no doubt that Marc had a big chance to win.

"He said 'no', but seeing his pace, seeing how he was, I was 100% sure that he had the pace and that he would try to win."

The victory was also the first Honda podium since Alex stepped onto the rostrum twice last season in Repsol colours.

"I'm really happy for him and his team," said current LCR Honda rider Alex. "I have a really good relationship with a lot of them and they are my friends.

"I'm really happy for Marc because he deserves it after all the operations and a lot of days at home trying to recover his shoulder. At this moment it's still not 100%.

"I've seen him suffer a lot day-by-day and race-by-race also, so he deserves it a lot. I know how much this win 'cost' because he was many days at home, suffering and not improving the arm.

"During all last year it was really difficult also at home because the bone was not improving. I think if he will write a book one day, he will explain everything.

"But many, many, many things happened during all these months and one year and a half [since Marc's win in Valencia 2019]. So it's a very emotional day for him and all of the family."

Alex's own race was less memorable, crashing out after tangling with Danilo Petrucci in what was declared a racing incident by the FIM Stewards.

"He overtook me in the beginning because it looks like they have a better pace for 3 laps then they drop a lot," Alex explained. "I overtook in a clean area, aggressive but clean. I think he tried to come back to be on the inside again but he didn't expect that I was stopping the bike in a proper way.

"So I was not running wide and I felt like he pushed onto me and on the bike. So nothing to do. I had too much lean angle at that point and that’s it. I didn’t lose the front or anything like that.

"It can happen, but it's a shame because I think we were ready for the race. Already in warm-up with used tyres I had a good pace. So a shame."