Ahead of its inaugural MotoGP race on March 18-20, the Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) has released ticket prices for the first Indonesian motorcycle grand prix since Sentul in 1997.

The cheapest 'general admission' day ticket is for Friday practice and priced at 115,000 RP, which equates to just 6 Pounds/7 Euros/8 Dollars.

The general admission price then rises to 287,500 Rp (18 Euros) for Saturday and 575,000 Rp (35 Euros) for race day, although a combined Saturday-Sunday ticket is available for 805,000 Rp (49 Euros).

If you want a grandstand ticket it'll cost 230,000 Rp (14 Euros) for Friday, 747,500 Rp (46 Euros) for Saturday and 1,150,000 Rp for Sunday, with the combined Saturday-Sunday grandstand ticket 1,725,000 Rp (106 Euros).

At the top end of the scale, 'premium grandstand' tickets are 373,250 Rp (23 Euros) for Friday, 1,063,750 Rp (65 Euros) for Saturday and 1,610,000 Rp (99 Euros) for Sunday. The Saturday-Sunday premium grandstand ticket is 2,300,000 Rp (141 Euros).

Premium grandstand tickets go on sale from January 6, with Standard Grandstand and General Admission tickets available from January 11. No mention was made of limiting spectator numbers due to Covid restrictions.

Before the MotoGP race weekend, Mandalika - venue for the final round of the 2021 World Superbike championship (pictured) - will host an official MotoGP test session from February 11-13.