Has COTA finally solved its bump problem?

The rippled surface was branded 'a joke' by future world champion Fabio Quartararo during last October's event, when others such as Aleix Espargaro said they would vote not to race if such a ballot was cast.

Last year's event continued with the ultimatum that if the worst areas, from Turn 2-10, were not resurfaced then MotoGP would not return in 2022.

That resurfacing has duly been carried out, but with previous track work proving unsuccessful in curing the bumps, reportedly caused by subsurface movement rather than the usual asphalt damage, the final verdict won't be known until the 2022 MotoGP race weekend takes place on April 8-10.

'For the past few weeks, the track has undergone a large-scale resurfacing initiative,' COTA reported. 'Turns 2-10 and 12-16 have been repaved, and a concrete pad to reinforce the areas at Turns 2 and 10 has been built as we prepare for upcoming races.'

The Texan track also released a video showing the 'ground penetration radar and laser mapping equipment that were used to identify the different repairs needed':

After a mistake while leading in 2019 (and the 2020 COTA MotoGP being cancelled due to covid restrictions), last year saw Marc Marquez celebrate his seventh COTA victory from the eight MotoGP races held at the track, which joined the calendar in 2013.

COTA also hosts the American round of the Formula 1 World Championship.