Michelin has officially confirmed that it will supply a 'modified' tyre allocation to this weekend's Indonesian MotoGP, compared to last month's test.

By the end of MotoGP's dusty three-day Mandalika debut in February, it was highly rumoured that the faster soft compound rear tyre would be replaced for the race weekend.

Many, but not all riders, adjusted their race simulations accordingly, with Ducati's Francesco Bagnaia explaining:

"It's difficult to say who was the fastest because the worst tyre was the medium, but it is the only one they will bring for the race weekend, because they will not take the soft."

Upon confirming that the tyre allocation has indeed been altered for the inaugural Mandalika race weekend, Michelin Motorsport's Two-Wheel manager Piero Taramasso explained that the compounds will actually be the same but paired with a 'special casing'.

“The test days here were very positive from a tyre perspective, but we quickly realised that because of a combination of the new track surface, the fast layout and the high temperatures, that the tyres were being stressed too much and overheating," Taramasso said.

"As a result, we have modified the allocation for the race weekend – we will keep the same compounds that during the test gave very good grip levels and consistency, but we have put them on special casings that are designed to control the temperatures more effectively.

"With these solutions I feel more confident for the race, and the fact that the track has been resurfaced again, should also help”.

The change in casing, combined with a 25% track resurfacing since the test, means it is unclear how effective bike set-ups perfected at the test will be when riders take to the track on Friday morning.

Weather forecasts suggest Michelin's wet tyres, available in soft and medium compounds, are also highly likely to be used during the weekend.