2022 Australian Moto3 Grand Prix, Phillip Island - Race Results
1Izan GuevaraSPAGaviota GASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)37m 38.762s
2Deniz ÖncüTURRed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)37m 39.107s
3Sergio GarciaSPAGaviota GASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)37m 39.222s
4Ayumu SasakiJPNSterilgarda Husqvarna Max(Husqvarna)37m 39.322s
5Stefano NepaITAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)37m 46.190s
6John McPheeGBRSterilgarda Husqvarna Max(Husqvarna)37m 46.258s
7Diogo MoreiraBRAMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)37m 46.336s
8Joel KelsoAUSCIP Green Power(KTM)37m 46.337s
9Dennis FoggiaITALeopard Racing(Honda)37m 55.556s
10Riccardo RossiITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)37m 55.593s
11David MuñozSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)37m 55.828s
12Carlos TataySPACFMOTO Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)37m 56.530s
13Ivan OrtoláSPAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)37m 56.646s
14Xavier ArtigasSPACFMOTO Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)38m 0.116s
15Jaume MasiaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)38m 1.176s
16Andrea MignoITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)38m 18.857s
17Kaito TobaJPNCIP Green Power(KTM)38m 20.561s
18Adrian FernandezSPARed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)38m 20.588s
19Lorenzo FellonFRASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)38m 20.590s
20Elia BartoliniITAQJMotor Avintia Racing Team(KTM)38m 20.599s
21Joshua WhatleyGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)38m 20.708s
22Nicola Fabio CarraroITAQJMotor Avintia Racing Team(KTM)38m 20.768s
23Ana CarrascoSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)38m 21.515s
24Alberto SurraITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)38m 33.402s
 Ryusei YamanakaJPNMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)DNF 
 Mario AjiINAHonda Team Asia(Honda)DNF 
 Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLeopard Racing(Honda)DNF 
 Scott OgdenGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)DNF 
 Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)DNF 
 Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia(Honda)DNF 

Izan Guevara wins the Australian Moto3 Grand Prix at Phillip Island and with it the 2022 world championship.

Roughed up by Oncu on the opening lap, Guevara fought his way from eighth to join the lead pack after a couple of laps.

While nearest title rival Dennis Foggia was never in contention, third in the standings Garcia led the early running to play spoiler to team-mate Guevara's championship celebrations.

Guevara first took the lead on lap 9 of 23 but was unable to break away and the final lap began with Oncu leading a four-rider fistfight from Garcia, Guevara and Sasaki.

Guevara soon wrestled his way to the front once again, while Garcia was held up behind Oncu, clearing the way for Guevarato claim a sixth win of the year and become world champion for the first time.

Guevara will move up to Moto2 next season, again with the Aspar team, alongside Jake Dixon.

The race took place on a dry track with some wet patches after earlier rain.

2022 Australia MotoGP - Full race weekend schedule (UK time)

Thursday 12th/Friday 13th October

23:00 - 23:40pm (Thu) Moto3 FP1

23:55 - 00:40am (Thu/Fri) MotoGP FP1

00:55 - 01:35am (Fri) Moto2 FP1

03:15 - 03:55am (Fri) Moto3 FP2

04:10 - 04:55am (Fri) MotoGP FP2

05:10 - 05:50am (Fri) Moto2 FP2

Friday 13th/Saturday 14th October

23:00 - 23:40pm (Fri) Moto3 FP3

23:55 - 00:40am (Fri/Sat) MotoGP FP3

00:55 - 01:35am (Sat) Moto2 FP3 

02:35 - 02:50am (Sat) Moto3 Q1

03:00 - 03:15am (Sat) Moto3 Q2

03:30 - 04:00am (Sat) MotoGP FP4

04:10 - 04:25am (Sat) MotoGP Q1

04:35 - 04:50am (Sat) MotoGP Q2

05:10 - 05:25am (Sat) Moto2 Q1

05:35 - 05:50am (Sat) Moto2 Q2

Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th October

23:00 - 23:10pm (Sat) Moto3 Warm Up

23:20 - 23:30pm (Sat) Moto2 Warm Up

23:40 - 00:00pm (Sat) MotoGP Warm Up

01:00am (Sun) Moto3 Race

02:20am (Sun) Moto2 Race

04:00am (Sun) MotoGP Race