Moto3 Termas - Free Practice (1) Results
1Dennis FoggiaITALeopard Racing(Honda)1m 49.268s
2Izan GuevaraSPASolunion GASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)1m 49.373s
3Diogo MoreiraBRAMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)1m 49.489s
4Kaito TobaJPNCIP Green Power(KTM)1m 49.591s
5Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)1m 49.769s
6Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLeopard Racing(Honda)1m 49.773s
7Deniz ÖncüTURRed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)1m 49.861s
8Jaume MasiaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)1m 49.934s
9Ryusei YamanakaJPNMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)1m 49.934s
10Ayumu SasakiJPNSterilgarda Husqvarna Max(Husqvarna)1m 49.980s
11Adrian FernandezSPARed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)1m 50.163s
12Sergio GarciaSPASolunion GASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)1m 50.318s
13Scott OgdenGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)1m 50.397s
14Elia BartoliniITAQJMotor Avintia Racing Team(KTM)1m 50.399s
15Ivan OrtoláSPAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)1m 50.540s
16Joel KelsoAUSCIP Green Power(KTM)1m 50.540s
17Riccardo RossiITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)1m 50.552s
18Carlos TataySPACFMOTO Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)1m 50.569s
19Stefano NepaITAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)1m 50.624s
20Lorenzo FellonFRASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)1m 50.653s
21Andrea MignoITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)1m 50.706s
22Alberto SurraITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)1m 50.752s
23Mario AjiINAHonda Team Asia(Honda)1m 50.802s
24Xavier ArtigasSPACFMOTO Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)1m 51.081s
25Ana CarrascoSPABOE SKX(KTM)1m 51.191s
26Joshua WhatleyGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)1m 51.321s
27Matteo BertelleITAQJMotor Avintia Racing Team(KTM)1m 51.357s
28Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia(Honda)1m 51.797s
29Gerard Riu MaleSPABOE SKX(KTM)1m 51.988s

Dennis Foggia leads the opening track session of the delayed Argentine Grand Prix weekend.

Moto3 FP1, held in bright and sunny conditions but with visible dust on track, also marked the first GP laps at Termas de Rio Hondo since March 2019.

Foggia's best lap was only 0.3s from the official race lap record.

The top 14 riders gaining direct access to this afternoon's Qualifying 2 session will be decided after FP2.

Updated schedule - 2022 Argentine MotoGP


08:15-09:05 Moto3 FP1 (12:15-13:05 UK)
09:20-10:10 Moto2 FP1 (13:20-14:10 UK)
10:25-11:15 Moto3 FP2 (14:25-15:15 UK)
11:30-12:20 Moto2 FP2 (15:30-16:20 UK)
12:35-13:35 MotoGP FP1 (16:35-17:35 UK)
13:50-14:05 Moto3 Qualifying 1 (17:50-18:05 UK)
14:15-14:30 Moto3 Qualifying 2 (18:15-18:30 UK)
14:45-15:00 Moto2 Qualifying 1 (18:45-19:00 UK)
15:10-15:25 Moto2 Qualifying 2 (19:10-19:25 UK)
15:40-16:40 MotoGP FP2 (19:40-20:40 UK)
17:05-17:20 MotoGP Qualifying 1 (21:05-21:20 UK)
17:30-17:45 MotoGP Qualifying 2 (21:30-21:45 UK)


09:20-09:40 Moto3 Warm-up (13:20-13:40 UK)
09:50-10:10 Moto2 Warm-up (13:50-14:10 UK)
10:20-11:00 MotoGP Warm-up (14:20-15:00 UK)

12:00 Moto3 Race - 21 laps (16:00 UK)
13:20 Moto2 Race - 23 laps (15:20 UK)
15:00 MotoGP Race - 25 laps (19:00 UK)