A bitter row that erupted between Boris Said and Greg Biffle after Monday's NASCAR Sprint Cup outing at Watkins Glen International culminated in the former offering to give his 'totally unprofessional' rival 'a whooping' and leave him with 'a black eye'.

In a wild end to the race, Said hit the back of Biffle's Roush Fenway Racing team-mate David Ragan, with the violent chain reaction shunt that followed destroying the cars of Ragan and David Reutimann, whose Toyota ended up being flipped upside-down and sent careering into a retaining wall. Happily, all involved escaped injury.

However, the drama did not end there as Biffle - who had similarly collided with Said during the race - subsequently went up to the Californian's Phoenix Racing Chevrolet once the final flag had fallen and allegedly made obscene gestures and swung some punches at him through the window.

Said - who finished 22nd - responded by chasing after Biffle once he had got out of his car, only to find his nemesis protected by his crew, who intercepted the 48-year-old as he tried to resolve the dispute. The road course specialist was palpably unimpressed.

"He is the most unprofessional little scaredy-cat I've ever seen in my life," Said told ESPN during a TV interview. "He wouldn't even fight me like a man after, so if someone texts me his address, I'll go see him Wednesday at his house and show him what he really needs. He needs a whooping, and I'm going to give it to him. He was flipping me off, giving me the finger - totally unprofessional. Two laps down. I mean, he is a chump.

"He comes over and throws a few little baby punches and then when I get out, he runs away and hides behind some big guys - but he won't hide from me long. I'll find him. I won't settle it out on the track. It's not right to wreck cars, but he'll show up at a race with a black eye one of these days. I'll see him somewhere."

Said went on to admit to the Orlando Sentinel that 'I had plenty of people text me his address so I knew where he was', but the feud had seemingly already cooled off somewhat by the following day, when the pair spoke to each other on the 'phone.

Having initially answered his accuser via Twitter - railing that 'Boris, 'the roadcourse ringer' caused that wreck, then Mr. Class pulls in behind my truck after the race today?! Shouldn't you go check on David & David? How unprofessional & disrespectful!' - Biffle later revealed that the two men have since been able to discuss the incident in a calmer and more conciliatory manner.

"He understands and he apologised for running me off in the carousel," he told SPEED TV. "He didn't know he did. That was probably the whole thing that led to him coming up to my truck, because he didn't understand why I was so mad at him. He ran me off the racetrack in a very vulnerable spot, similar to what he did to the #6 (Ragan).

"We talked about it and I told him: 'You can very well be where (race-winner) Marcos Ambrose was yesterday. You need to get in a fast car and show your talent, not be beating-and-banging and running guys off the racetrack at spots like that.' We kind of said our piece, and that's that."

Although NASCAR officials vowed to 'evaluate the situation', it is understood that penalties are unlikely, with series president Mike Helton conceding to ESPN.com that 'we'll follow it, certainly, but based on what we've seen right now, that fits the template of what we've allowed the drivers to work out for themselves'.

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