Jeremy Mayfield gave his thoughts on the loss of seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion, and motor racing legend, Dale Earnhardt (pictured).

"You hate to see anyone get hurt anytime but it especially cuts deep since it's (Dale) Earnhardt. The guy is a master. He's been doing this for years and he's been doing it better than anybody," Mayfield said.

"One of the biggest thrills of my career was the deal last year at Pocono. You know he never said anything to me about that? He came over and gave me that grin of his, and that was like his seal of approval.

"There's been a Dale Earnhardt as long as I can remember, not just racing but racing and winning. For the younger guys in the sport (Mayfield is 31), he has been our Richard Petty. He was the guy who won all of the championships."

Mayfield added. "I'll miss him on the track, I'll miss him in the garage. Our sport is going to miss him a lot."