Complete results from the two-mile Michigan International Speedway, round 14 of the 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Championship.

1. Jeff GordonNo.24 ChevroletHendrick Motorsports200 laps
2. Ricky RuddNo.28 FordRobert Yates Racing200 laps + 0.046secs
3. Sterling MarlinNo.40 DodgeChip Ganassi Racing200 laps + 0.675secs
4. Jeremy MayfieldNo.12 FordPenske Racing200 laps + 1.184secs
5. Ryan Newman*No.02 FordPenske Racing200 laps + 1.689secs
6. Hut StricklinNo.90 FordJunie Donlavey Racing200 laps + 1.699secs
7. Jeff BurtonNo.99 FordRoush Racing200 laps + 2.021secs
8. Dave BlaneyNo.93 DodgeBill Davis Racing200 laps + 2.220secs
9. Bill ElliottNo.9 DodgeEvernham Motorsports200 laps + 2.695secs
10. Kevin Harvick*No.29 ChevroletRichard Childress Racing200 laps + 2.867secs
11. Jimmy SpencerNo.26 FordTravis Carter Motorsports200 laps + 2.908secs
12. Johnny BensonNo.10 PontiacMBV Motorsports200 laps + 3.386secs
13. Bobby LabonteNo.18 PontiacJoe Gibbs Racing200 laps + 3.704secs
14. Ken SchraderNo.36 PontiacMBV Motorsports200 laps + 3.945secs
15. Matt KensethNo.17 Ford Roush Racing200 laps + 4.102secs
16. Mark MartinNo.6 FordRoush Racing199 laps
17. Jeff Green*No.30 ChevroletRichard Childress Racing199 laps
18. Dale JarrettNo.88 FordRobert Yates Racing199 laps
19. Jason Leffler*No.99 DodgeChip Ganassi Racing199 laps
20. Mike SkinnerNo.31 ChevroletRichard Childress Racing199 laps
21. Robert PressleyNo.77 FordJasper Motorsports199 laps
22. Bobby HamiltonNo.55 ChevroletAndy Petree Racing199 laps
23. Steve ParkNo.1 ChevroletDale Earnhardt Incorporated199 laps
24. Bobby Hamilton JrNo.33 ChevroletAndy Petree Racing199 laps
25. Tony StewartNo.20 PontiacJoe Gibbs Racing198 laps
26. Terry LabonteNo.5 ChevroletHendrick Motorsports198 laps
27. Kyle PettyNo.45 DodgePetty Enterprises198 laps
28. Jerry NadeauNo.25 ChevroletHendrick Motorsports198 laps
29. Michael WaltripNo.15 ChevroletDale Earnhardt Incorporated198 laps
30. Casey Atwood*No.19 DodgeEvernham Motorsports198 laps
31. Kevin LepageNo.4 ChevroletMorgan McClure Motorsports198 laps
32. Ron Hornaday*No.14 PontiacAJ Foyt Racing197 laps
33. Brett BodineNo.11 FordBrett Bodine Racing197 laps
34. Shawna RobinsonNo.84 FordMK Racing197 laps
35. Ricky CravenNo.32 FordPPI Motorsports196 laps
36. Buckshot JonesNo.44 DodgePetty Enterprises188 laps
37. John AndrettiNo.43 DodgePetty Enterprises186 laps-accident
38. Ward BurtonNo.22 DodgeBill Davis Racing184 laps-engine
39. Dale Earnhardt JrNo.8 ChevroletDale Earnhardt Incorporated172 laps-piston
40. Elliott SadlerNo.21 FordWood Brothers156 laps-running/punct
41. Rusty WallaceNo.2 FordPenske Racing118 laps-contact
42. Todd BodineNo.66 FordHaas Carter Motorsports38 laps-accident
43. Kurt Busch*No.97 FordRoush Racing16 laps-accident

*Denotes Rookie Status