The normally spotless Budweiser No. 8 car carried a lipstick stain into Sunday's UAW DaimlerChrysler race, as Dale Earnhardt Jr received some special pre-race visits.

Former Baywatch lifeguard and current V.I.P. star, Pamela Anderson, joined the Bud team in the pit area for the first 25 laps of the race. She watched the start from atop the Bud pit cart, creating the sort of buzz and crush of humanity usually reserved only for Dale Jr himself.

"What do ya say to Pam Anderson?!" Junior joked. "She wanted to know where the party was tonight, and I said we needed her to bless our race car. She leaned over and planted a big kiss on the car right above the driver's door, right next to my name. It seemed to help it for awhile."

Dale Jr. also received a visit from the wrestler Goldberg before the race. According to reports Goldberg did NOT kiss the Bud car.