#10 Valvoline Pontiac driver Johnny Benson's post-race interviews have lasted longer than his Talladega races in 2003.

Wrecks have limited Benson to little more than 13 competitive laps. But, what makes it even more frustrating is neither wreck was of Benson's doing.

"I think saying we have bad luck here is an understatement," Benson said.

On Sunday, Jeremy Mayfield cut down a left rear tire on lap ten sending Mayfield to the top of the track triggering a multi-car melee that involved Benson, Jimmy Spencer, and Larry Foyt as well as several others who sustained less damage. Benson's car suffered severe damage and stopped on pit road.

The accident was very similar to an incident on lap 3 in April when Ryan Newman
encountered tire trouble, spun and took out half the field including Benson.

"Sure it's frustrating beyond belief," Benson said after the wreck on Sunday. "We were biding our time at the beginning. Everyone was saying how wild it was getting and then all of a sudden Jeremy has a problem and takes all of us out. There isn't much a driver can do when something like that happens because everything happens so fast here."

Benson's Valvoline crew spent more than two hours working feverishly on the car after the wreck before sending Benson back onto the track for a few laps late in the race. The work moved Benson from 43rd to 41st position.