Craig Lowndes - TeamVodafone

"I was delighted with the car setup from the beginning. It was very good in both wet and dry conditions. The conditions were constantly changing today which required a little bit of patience, but we did manage to get the best out of the car in the varying conditions. I am confident with the car in both wet and dry. Let's see what tomorrow brings."

Garth Tander - Toll HSV Dealer Team

"It was a difficult day with the amount of rain that has fallen in Sydney over few days. The track was very water-logged in the run-off areas, and had a lot of standing water. I think they made the right decision to delay the start, and they found the best part of the day weather-wise to do the session. It was obviously difficult conditions throughout the session because weather was changing and the circuit was changing as a result. But the car was very good in all conditions."

James Courtney - Stone Brothers Racing/Jeld-Wen

"For me, I like to learn a circuit when it's wet. It brings you into it slowly and you learn where the grip is and isn't. You don't have to go to hard straight away. The car was running pretty well all day, we didn't make too many changes as the track was changing so much throughout the day. You can just confuse yourself if you change too much. I just circulated and when the track was drying we had good speed in the car. These cars are nice to drive in the wet, I'm enjoying it and the car is getting better and better. We just need to work on consistency and reliability and we will be up there."

Will Davison - Jim Beam Racing

"The conditions out there were quite slippery after the rain; in several places, there were rivers of water running across the track, especially at turn 12. Despite the weather, I was pleased with my progress today. We tried some different set ups for both wet and dry conditions and I'm confident that I can qualify in the top 10 tomorrow. There's no doubt the weather will play a part in the team's strategy and I'm planning to be at the pointy end of the field in qualifying and the first race tomorrow afternoon. The weather is a lottery so we will need to make the right calls at the right time when it comes to pit stops and tyre choice."

Todd Kelly - Holden Racing Team

"Whichever way it goes weather-wise tomorrow there is some room for improvement with our car set-up. I'd like to think we've got a handle on things. Although practice was restricted, on the plus side I couldn't detect any real problems so we'll see how we go in qualifying."

Steven Richards - Ford Performance Racing/Castrol Edge

"The conditions made it very difficult to tell how good the set up of the car really was, it just depended on when you were out on the track and what the conditions were like at the time. There were certain points where the car felt great, but there were also certain conditions where it wasn't as good, like when you were driving on slicks on a wet track, but that's pretty standard in conditions like we experienced today."

Jason Richards - Tasman Motorsport

"It was extremely difficult out there for everyone and it was good to see everyone take care with no major dramas. Seventh is a reasonable result for the day, although we could have been higher - I didn't run the last lap in the first session when everyone else went quicker. We'd been second or third to that point and probably would have remained so. My car was good in the wet and also when there was a dry line and that's encouraging, although if it dries up totally then we're all back to square one."

Mark Winterbottom - Ford Performance Racing/Orrcon

"It was a bit touch and go as to whether or not we would get out there but it was good to have a run in the end. The majority of the circuit was wet, but a couple of corners were dry, so it gave us an idea of what the car is like here. In the wet the worst we were was third, in the dry we only got one good lap in where everyone else seemed to have a few more laps. I think we should be up the front somewhere tomorrow if the conditions are similar. If not, it will be a bit of a lottery as everyone isn't sure of what their dry circuit set up should be."

Greg Murphy - Tasman Motorsport

"Unfortunately today was fairly unproductive for everyone and we couldn't try what we'd planned, but to come away ninth after only 20 laps isn't too bad. Tomorrow's another day and it's straight into qualifying. We need to be ready to go."