Bahraini champion Fahad Al Musalam has left an impression on Garry Rogers after a short, sharp test session at Winton Raceway - the first time a Middle Eastern driver has taken the wheel of a V8 Supercar.

Al Musalam won the test with Garry Rogers Motorsport after winning the Lumina CSV Championship at the Bahrain International Circuit. He finished the test at Winton Raceway with a host of new admirers and friends.

"Fahad was truly above all expectations," Rogers said. "He's done a very good job and each run of laps have been quicker. He was also being a little conservative as he didn't want to cause any harm to the car but given more time he could be very competitive in the championship.

"We would certainly look at him down the track, no question."

Al Musalam was pleased with the test despite struggling with the right-hand drive of the Holden Commodore.

"I was really being conservative because I recognise the guys are in a championship right now but they really helped me out enormously," he said. "Being on the right side was really difficult from the beginning and I didn't want to push it too hard. The boys gave me the best tyres they had at one point and I was only a few seconds off Michael (Caruso).

"I did expect the cars to have more down force with the wings they have but the weight over-rides that. They have massive horsepower, probably the fastest acceleration I have experienced, and massive brake power.

"It's just one fantastic experience coming all the way out here and I would love more time in the car at some stage. I just can't wait to see the GRM boys again when they come back to Bahrain."