Fujitsu Racing's Jason Bright has had an eight place overall finish end against the crash barriers at the Falken Tyres Tasmania Challenge at Symmons Plains Raceway.

Bright claimed 13th overall for the weekend after seventh place in race #1 and 11th in race #2.

The highlight of the weekend was race #1 with Bright putting in a storming drive in wet conditions. He made the most of the changeable conditions to race through to fourth, before settling for seventh.

In the final race of the weekend Bright was eyeing an eighth place finish. While chasing Lee Holdsworth, Bright got caught-up with Michael Patrizi who was not on the same lap. The resulting contact put Bright in the wall and with damaged steering he had no choice but to park the Falcon.

Although happy with the pace with the Fujitsu Ford, he was disappointed with the incident in race #3.

"First of all to everyone on the team a big thanks for a great effort," said Bright. "The car was pretty good, but it was really our work as a team that put us in a position to challenge this weekend.

"In terms of the race #3 incident, the final result was my fault as I had couldn't get a gear while changing down for the hairpin and I slid into Michael.

"However, for the half a lap before that, he should have got out of my way! Holdsworth had just excited the pits on cold tyres and it was my chance to close-in on him.

"The waving of blue flags to cars not on the lead lap has to be enforced and clearly observed by those competitors. It is supposed to be for all cars on the lead lap - not just the leader or lead group.

"I'm not sure if some guys in this series are just after airtime as they don't seem to understand motor racing etiquette.

"We will now go onto Oran Park and I'm feeling very confident that we can make further gains and get well inside the top-10. Our car and the addition of the Stone Brothers Racing engine package will be great on the Oran Park layout."

Fujitsu Racing chief engineer Geoff Slater meanwhile focussed on the positives from the weekend.

"The new engine was good and our team work was outstanding," said Slater. "You do your best to control what happens on the track, but there are 29 cars all out to claim the same piece of real estate.

"I was very pleased with the wet race. Our car responded in the very damp conditions, but as it dried it was a bit of handful for Jason.

"The car was OK in race #2, but it was at its best in race #3. However, we never got to see the result of that.

"Oran Park with its twisty layout will be good for us. Our chassis has been very strong and we will have a better understanding of what the SBR engine can provide us.

"Our group is determined to finish the year on a high and we will go all out at the Sydney track."