Jari-Matti Latvala

Birth Date: 
2 April, 1985
Driver Status: 

Jari-Matti Latvala Biography

Current co-driver: Miikka Anttila.


2011 World Rally Championship with the Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team (using the new Ford Fiesta RS WRC).

2010 World Rally Championship with the BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT. 2nd in drivers' standings, 171 points. Results: 3rd in Sweden, 5th in Mexico, 2nd in Jordan, 8th in Turkey, 1st in New Zealand, retired in Portugal (accident), 6th in Bulgaria, 1st in Finland, 4th in Germany, 3rd in Japan, 4th in France, 4th in Spain, 3rd in Britain.

2009 World Rally Championship with BP Ford Abu Dhabi. 4th in drivers' standings, 41 points. Results: 14th in Ireland, 3rd in Norway, 12th in Cyprus, retired in Portugal (accident - big off), 6th in Argentina, 1st in Sardinia, 3rd in Greece, retired in Poland (crashed in SSS), 3rd in Finland, 4th in Australia, 6th in Spain, 7th in Britain.

2008 World Rally Championship with BP Ford Abu Dhabi. 4th in drivers' standings, 58 points. Results: 12th on the Monte (finished under SupeRally), 1st in Sweden (first WRC win), 3rd in Mexico, 12th in Argentina, 7th in Jordan, 3rd in Sardinia, 7th in Greece, 2nd in Turkey, 38th in Finland (under SupeRally after error in SS3), 9th in Germany, retired in NZ (accident), 6th in Spain (under Stobart banner), 4th in France (under Stobart banner), 2nd in Japan, 2nd in Wales.

2007 World Rally Championship - with the Stobart M-Sport Ford Rally Team. 8th in drivers'. Scored 30 points. Results: retired on the Monte (off), retired in Sweden (mechanical), 5th in Norway, 7th in Mexico, 8th in Portugal, 4th in Argentina, 9th in Sardinia, 12th in Greece, retired in Finland (off), 8th in Germany, 5th in NZ, 7th in Spain, 4th in France, 25th in Japan (under SupeRally - off on day 2), 3rd in Ireland (first podium), 10th in GB.

2006 World Rally Championship - 4 events with the Stobart VK M-Sport Ford Rally Team (M2 category).
Also contested the PCWRC - 4th overall. Scored 27 points.

Results: 9th in Mexico (PCWRC), 16th in Spain (WRC), retired in France - went off the road (WRC), 6th in Greece (PCWRC), 34th in Germany (re-started under SupeRally after off on SS1 - WRC), 17th in Finland (Toyota Corolla WRC), 9th in Japan (PCWRC), 1st in Australia (PCWRC) / 6th overall, 1st in NZ (PCWRC) / 8th overall, 4th in GB (WRC).

2005 WRC - nine events (using a Subaru Impreza, Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus). Notable results: 16th in Sweden, 16th in Italy (1st in Group N), 21st in Germany (2nd in Group N), 16th in France (1st in Group N), 19th in Spain (2nd in Group N).

2004 JWRC - using a Ford Puma, Fiesta and Suzuki Ignis. Results: Monte Carlo retired (Puma); Greece retired (Fiesta), Turkey retired (Fiesta), Finland retired; GB 4th in class; Italy retired; Spain retired.
Plus 'senior' WRC events: Sweden (Subaru Impreza WRX - retired), Germany (Subaru Impreza WRX - 23rd), France (Subaru Impreza WRX - 21st) and Australia (Mitsubishi Lancer - retired).

2003 WRC - 4 events (Ford Focus). Results: 10th in Greece, 17th in Germany, 14th in Finland and 10th in GB.
BRC - fourth in the championship in an ex-Colin McRae Ford Ford Focus WRC 01.
Italian Subaru Cup - seven rallies.

2002 WRC debut: Rally GB. 17th in a Mitsubishi.
First rally: International Scottish Rally.

2001 Began in Rallysprint.