Second in the World Superbike championship by only four points, Fila Ducati's James Toseland, believes he can take the title from his team-mate Regis Laconi. In this exclusive interview with Louise Cain, Toseland explains how and why he will be able do it...

Q: You've been consistent all season and you are still hanging in there.

James Toseland: Yeah we rode well in the second race. The first race took me a few laps to get past Haga. But second and third as you say consistent and we're only four points behind. We're going to France and its Laconi's home race, there is going to be a lot of pressure on him, so its just going to be a good final showdown. Who could think of a better finish than this?

Q: How aware were you of Chris Vermeulen's race situation?

JT: Oh more than aware. I mean I was right behind him and he set off, immediately smoking and as soon as he went onto the right hand side. There must have been a lot of oil on the right hand side of the tyre, it just high-sided him straight away. Fortunately for him I think Bussei gave him a lift back and he got back out. Full credit to him to come from last to sixth place, its kept him in the championship and its still all up for grabs at Magny-Cours.

Q: You got a win at Valencia and it was a long time coming before you got another win, and you did, and you've kept on in there as I said consistency has been the key, how do you feel about it?

JT: Well everything goes into Magny-Cours, second isn't an option, I won't be happy with second. I have to do everything to win this championship. I'm fast enough, we're working well with the bike, the team's fantastic. There is no reason why we can't win the championship. We're four points behind, there are 50 points up for grabs, and it is all to play for. Just got to keep calm and keep fit, I'm going to the hotel now for the next few days, I'm not going home, I'm going to train hard and just relax and then go to Magny-Cours Wednesday and focus for the weekend.

Q: You've tested at Magny-Cours how did that go?

JT: Really well, I mean Regis was good and we had the same tyres, to be fair its going to be close. I know it was going to be close here and its going to be close at Magny-Cours, but you know the best man will win, and this week it was Regis, and fair play to him he rode really well, but four points is nothing.

Q: There's a chink in the French mans armour, where is it?

JT: Me (laughs), I'll be there. If he makes one mistake then I'll be there and like wise if I make one mistake he'll be there. I believe I'm the stronger person out of the two mentally and physically and I've just got to believe in myself that we can take this championship.