Motorcycle racing's governing body, the FIM, has revealed the identity of those rider permitted to take part in this weekend's WSBK rounds and supporting races.

The wild-card and replacement riders who will race in the Superbike, Supersport and Sidecar World Championship rounds scheduled for 22 April, include Australian endurance expert Warwick Nowland, who stands in for Javier Rodriguez in the premier class and local expert Jamie Stauffer, who rides in the Supersport category.

Another Australian favourite, Peter Goddard, is listed as not taking part, following further delays in the Benelli programme, along with a handful of British and European riders, who have decided not to make the trip down under. In addition, several withdrawals from the various championships have also been announced, including Cristiano Migliorati and Matteo Campana in Supersports...

The full list is as follows:

Wild cards


40. Scott Webster Australia Kawasaki
42. Jay Normoyle Australia Suzuki
43. Sean McKay Australia Kawasaki
44. Roger Wallis Australia Ducati
45. Alistair Maxwell Australia Kawasaki
47. Craig Coxhell Australia Yamaha


33. Robbie Baird Australia Yamaha
34. Jamie Stauffer Australia Yamaha


51. Ray Spence/Jon Winders Australia Kawasaki
52. Vincent Messina/Alison Scoullar Australia Kawasaki
53. Murray Stronach/Jeremy Joyce Australia Suzuki
55. Dave McLaughlin/Evelyne Scholz Australia Kawasaki
56. Warren Bruce/Mark Patterson Australia Kawasaki
57. Yoshimitsu Tsuchiya/Masahiro Ozeki Japan Suzuki
58. Colin Buckley/Brett Gilbert New Zealand Kawasaki

Replacement riders


26. Warwick Nowland Australia Honda replacing Javier Rodriguez


63. Brad Anassis South Africa Ducati replaces Ivan Mengozzi


27. Nils Abel Germany replaces Andreas Kolloch as passenger to Dieter Eilers

Not taking part in this event


14. Peter Goddard Australia


9. Tom Hanks/Phil Biggs Britain
12. Paul Steenbergen/Rene Steenbergen Holland
15. Brian Gray/Steve Pointer Britain
19. Chris Founds/Peter Founds Britain
21. Ian Wilford/Steve English Britain
22. Mike Roscher/Uwe Neubert German
25. Rob Cameron/Darren Harper Britain
26. Sebastien Delannoy/Jerome Vannier France