With the much anticipated FP1 road bike launch in Malaysia just a day away, Petronas' head of motorsports, Madam Norhayati Hj Md Ali, took time to reflect on Foggy Petronas Racing's first season in the World Superbike Championship.

Madam Norhayati stated that despite the problems faced, the team has shown great potential, which she hopes will be built in 2004 - when Troy Corser will be joined by an as yet unnamed new rider, replacing James Haydon.

Meanwhile, Petronas also revealed that they aim to push Malaysian riders into the WSBK series through their links with FPR...

"For a year old racing team competing with the big boys of World Superbikes, Foggy Petronas Racing has certainly brought immeasurable benefits to Petronas and Malaysia by remaining competitive throughout the season," she began.

"The team's excellent finish in the opening rounds of Valencia and Philip Island where Troy Corser achieved the team's best finish in fifth, is testament to the potential of Malaysia's first superbike - the FP1. His constant points finishes and immense contribution to the development of the FP1 have been strong reasons for us to continue and develop a thoroughbred race-winning two-wheel wonder. We hope Troy will be able to continue to give inputs as well as take what has seemed to be his second baby, the FP1, to greater levels of success.

"Although there were hard and painful times throughout the season for FPR, especially for rider James Haydon, it was good to see that the team soldiered on despite the setbacks. James' top ten finish in 9th in Sugo, Japan, was undoubtedly the silver lining for a season that had been very punishing for the young Briton. His contributions have been duly noted and although he won't be joining us next season, we hope that James may continue to support us in a different way.

"Only through success and pain will we be able to learn and I think FPR has made boundless improvements throughout the season with the FP1 - a project that has no precedent in motor racing history. To finish fourth ahead of Yamahas and Hondas is truly a remarkable feat especially with so little track and testing time prior to the start of FP1's debut season. We hope that the team will be identifying the root of the problems faced from past experiences and take proactive steps to overcome these issues. It is also our wish for the FPR team to guide our young Malaysian riders, currently participating in the local and Asia Pacific Championships, through a series of training programmes to prepare them for future international motorcycle championships."