Former MotoGP star Garry McCoy will start his first ever World Superbike event from the second row after qualifying his NCR Ducati 999 sixth in his first ever Superpole session, at Valencia this afternoon.

"The Superpole was very new for me. It's something else I have to get used to but my impression overall about today's Superpole is that it was very cold and risky to get out there and push 110% as you would do in a usual hot lap," said Garry. "I have to add that my clutch wasn't working very well so I decided not to push too much on the first split and save it for the last bit to get a better time.

"Tomorrow is going to be another new day for me. I've never done two races in one day, but I guess I just have to go out there and do my best as a rookie," continued the former 500cc race winner. "I can't really say what my expectations are because I just like to live day by day and get worried about what happens at the time. Anyway I will try to get out there and make a fight of it."

"I'm very happy about Garry's result," added Marco Mozzone, McCoy's chief mechanic. "I know everything is very new to Garry specially the Superpole, but I think he did a very good job today. Garry is very relaxed, I've never worked with a rider like this which makes me feel really good and not stressed."