PSG-1 Kawasaki rider Chris Walker has been banned from driving after a "moment of stupidity" which saw him caught at almost double the speed limit, according to the BBC.

Walker, who moved from Foggy Petronas Racing to PSG-1 this season, was apparently trying to get away from a driver attempting to 'tailgate' his Subaru when a police patrol vehicle pulled the Nottinghamshire-based WSBK star over for driving at 130mph on a 70mph dual carriageway.

Walker told magistrates that he was 'disappointed' with the way he had dealt with the situation, and pleaded that he not receive a lengthy ban due to his commitments to drive to the European rounds of the World Superbike championship, which totals nearly 40,000 miles annually.

Chris received a 60 day ban, a ?1000 fine and was instructed to pay the court costs amounting to ?35.