John Hopkins says he has not suffered any serious injuries, despite being involved in a vicious looking accident at the start of the opening World Superbike race of the day at the Nurburgring.

Hopkins was caught up in the melee in the tight turn two left hander, the Stiggy Honda being hit from behind and sending it into a high-side that would eliminate both Makoto Tamada and Broc Parkes.

More seriously though, Hopkins then had another bike run over his chest as he lay on the tarmac, the American being knocked unconscious for ten minutes as a result.

Taken to a local hospital, Hopkins was treated for concussion, but confirms he has not suffered any serious injuries on this occasion.

"My day started off well and my crew found a good set-up for the machine in the warm-up session and I managed to improve my pace. I was confident going into the race. I knew the start would be tough and I had to be somewhere tactical to get myself into the top 10 by the end of the first lap.

"I ran a bit wide coming out of turn one and then got hit from behind in the second turn and high-sided into Broc Parkes. I was unconscious for 10 minutes before waking up in the ambulance. A bike ran over my chest, but apart from that I have no serious injuries. I just hope my luck will turn around soon."

Hopkins missed a large portion of the season after injuring his hip in an accident back at Assen.