Top World Supersport outfit PTR is targeting a potential move to the World Superbike Championship next year under the new EVO rules.

Dorna chief Carmelo Ezpeleta has outlined plans for the new class within WSBK series, which would significantly slash the costs involved in racing.

PTR Director Simon Buckmaster said: "The new EVO rules are sensible and a significant step in the right direction by Dorna, I think they have the potential to really improve grid size, interest and the number of teams racing in WSB.

"The cost reductions are sensible and something akin to the existing EVO rules in British Superbikes - and let's face it, they are working well there so it is a good precedent to follow.

"Capped electronics costs and a limited number of engines are sensible measures, there is no need for unlimited spend in these areas as all that happens is the team with the most money tends to win," added Buckmaster.

"I think the new rules would allow PTR to run an EVO WSB Honda CBR1000RR race bike with a competitive engine for around ?100,000 per bike more than it costs to go World Supersport racing.

"That is not a lot given the step up in category and extra media and TV exposure on offer."

Buckmaster is confident the UK-based PTR team could field a bike that would be at the forefront with a suitable rider aboard.

"We are confident we can build an excellent bike to these rules that would be competitive right from the off with the right rider on it," he said.

"This is something we are interested in and looking to see if there are sponsors or riders interested in joining us in WSB in 2014.

"For now we will concentrate on our WSS efforts and winning races but the new rules certainly open doors and new possibilities that are exciting us."