Garrett Gerloff heads to Donington Park - third new circuit in three weeks for the American fully focused on WorldSBK. 

Following another promising MotoGP showing last weekend in Assen, Gerloff’s name has been touted for one of the 2022 Yamaha MotoGP seats. 

But as of now, Gerloff hasn’t ‘heard anything’ concrete about a MotoGP move, and instead wants to continue his ‘happy experience’ with GRT Yamaha. 

Gerloff added: "I haven’t heard anything at the moment. For sure, I’ve been really happy with GRT [Yamaha] and my experience here in the last couple years for World Superbike. 

"That’s definitely my main focus at the moment, and basically I want to keep focusing on here and trying to do the best job that I can. 

"But for sure, one day it’s always been my dream and goal to go to MotoGP. One day I’d definitely like to end up there." 

Gerloff is still looking for his first WorldSBK podium of the season - but for that to happen this weekend will require a quick learning of yet another circuit - third in three weeks. 

"Yeah so, it’s the third track that I’ll have to learn in three weeks. I had to learn Navarra (two-day WorldSBK test), then Assen last weekend, and now Donington," said Gerloff. 

"At least I’ve had a little bit of practice the last few days. It looks like a really fun track online, from the videos I’ve been watching and everything. 

"I know that the Yamaha in general has been a strong bike here in the past which is definitely confidence inspiring. 

"So, really looking forward to getting out there tomorrow and getting in as many laps as possible."