The British Championship classes will remain the same with Superbike, Supersport and 125 Grand Prix all running and the Cup Championships taking place within those races.

The National Championships will see the Superstock Championship remain but the Cup class being done away with. Instead Superstock 600 will be re-introduced with the age limit of 16 to 25.

Finally the National Cups will also change with the demise of the R6 Cup, it will be replaced by a "one make" series running 1000cc 4 cylinder machinery and a "naked streetfighter" class.

Series Director, Stuart Higgs said, "We have to provide a platform that serves many different and often conflicting demands, trackside and television entertainment, rider/team progression and the industry at large. We believe that in the refined 2008 structure there is something for everyone and there is now a greater clarity between the various titles. One notable change is the return of a "Junior" Superstock category. The industry at large, teams and riders recognise that this class is a valuable stepping stone and a great shop window for the 600cc sector. It is genuinely achievable to have a seasons racing at National Championship level for a net cost of ?20,000."

The R6 Cup has run its course and brought on a lot of young talent as Higgs went on to say, "The Virgin Media Cup for the Yamaha R6 model will cease at the end of 2007 and we are satisfied that it has met all its objectives in its 5-year term. Virgin Media, Yamaha and Rob McElnea had fantastic vision with this project and clearly it is ultimately responsible for fast-tracking some of the best young riders for a generation onto the next level."