Shane Byrne launches £1m lawsuit after career-ending injury

Shane Byrne suing organisers of British Superbike

Shane Byrne
Shane Byrne

Shane Byrne is suing the British Superbike organiser for £1m after his career-ending injury.

Byrne suffered spinal injuries when he crashed and hit a tyre wall during a test at Snetterton circuit in 2018.

He is now suing British Superbike Championship organiser Motorsport Vision Racing, track owner Motorsport Vision and the sports's governing body, the Motorcycle Circuit Racing Control Board for damages totalling more than £1m.

Byrne argues that better safety measures should have been in place at the circuit.

The organisers deny responsibility.

Byrne's barrister Kiril Waite is quoted by the Daily Mail: “He reached a speed of 120mph on the straight. On his approach, he reduced speed and it was at that stage that he lost control of the bike.

“The bike left the track at a speed of about 60mph with Mr Byrne on it.

“He travelled a distance of 55 to 60 metres before impact with the barrier. He dismounted shortly before impact with the barrier.”

Byrne’s legal representative showed a video of his riding skills in court, and said: “There are not many people who can handle a bike like Mr Byrne and the footage demonstrates that very clearly.”

He mentioned that Byrne had safely completed a previous lap on the same racing line.

“Therefore, the speed and position cannot be criticised as being at fault for what happened.”

Barrister Malcolm Duthie is representing the three defendants.

He says that the organisations deny Byrne’s claim that air fencing would have prevented his injury.

They allege that Byrne’s injury could have happened even if he didn’t hit the tyre wall.

Byrne, now 47, is a six-time British Superbike champion.

The trial is ongoing.

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