Three-time British Superbike champion Niall Mackenzie has welcomed major new safety improvements at Cadwell Park.

The upgrades include an extended run-off area at Chris Curve, which provides greater protection for competitors and track day riders as MotorSport Vision continues to strive for optimum levels of safety at the Lincolnshire venue.

As well as increasing the size of the run-off area, a major ground-works project was required to raise its level to match that of the circuit, which involved movement of over 4,000 tonnes of material.

The earth removal from the inside of the track also has the added safety benefit of improving visibility for competitors exiting the Park to Chris Curve sections of the circuit.

Mackenzie, whose sons Tarran and Taylor will compete in the British 125GP and Supersport championships respectively this season, said: "It's good to see that MSV have continued their ongoing commitment to circuit improvements this winter. The extended area of run-off at the ultra fast Chris Curve section makes a significant difference to the safety of both riders and drivers.

"Cadwell Park has been transformed since I raced there over ten years ago; however I'm pleased to say its unique character remains intact."

Ahead of another busy season at Cadwell Park, circuit staff and specialist contractors Buckingham Group have realigned the barrier along a 240 metre stretch at Chris Curve, increasing the run-off area by over 20 metres - effectively doubling the distance between the track and new safety barrier.

Work on the project commenced on February 6 and despite severe weather the track reopened for use just 12 days later on the 18th.

Similar run-off development projects have been undertaken by MSV since it acquired the circuit in 2004 at Barn Corner, the Hairpin, Hall Bends, the Gooseneck and the exit of Chris Curve.

"Everyone in our sport acknowledges there are inherent risks involved but MSV are strongly committed to improving safety wherever possible at our circuits," said Jonathan Palmer, Chief Executive of MotorSport Vision.

"Developments such as these at Chris Curve are vitally important in minimising risk and reducing accident damage, and will be appreciated by the thousands of visitors every year who race on the circuit or enjoy taking their own vehicle on trackdays."



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