National 125GP rider Daniel Coutts arrived at the Brands Hatch circuit looking to make up for the disappointment of the previous Knockhill round, only to have his race cut short by an unlucky yellow flag incident on the eleventh lap.

From the start of the race Coutts was engaged in an epic battle with Midge Smart, Chester Lusk, Brian Clark and Joe Dickinson.

By the third lap, Smart had managed to break away from the group, which was rapidly catching up with Knockhill-winner Lee Longden. Three laps of frequent position changes later and the group had caught back up with Smart, thrilling the crowd as the now six-strong pack fought for any advantage that presented itself.

After 10 laps the train was headed by Smart in sixth place, with eleventh-placed Lusk less than 2 seconds behind. Coutts on the Padgett's bike had just passed Longden for eighth when the Burnley rider passed back as they headed into a yellow flag situation at Paddock Hill Bend. The two youngsters tangled and both ended up taking a high-speed trip into the gravel trap. Such was the ferocity of the accident that the race was immediately red-flagged, giving Michael Wilcox his third win of the season, with runner-up Thomas Bridewell less than one quarter of a second behind.

A bruised and battered Coutts said afterwards: "This weekend never seemed to get going as I'd hoped. I got a good start in the race but then it all came to nothing when I crashed with Lee. Fortunately it doesn't appear as if there's any major injuries, so all I can do now is concentrate on making up for the frustration of the last two races with a good result at Rockingham in two week's time."

National 125GP Championship - Result of Round 6, Brands Hatch:

1. Michael Wilcox - Honda
2. Thomas Bridewell - Honda +0.244s
3. John Pearson - Honda +0.905s
4. Paul Veazey - Honda +1.072s
5. Sam Owens - Honda +14.273s
6. Midge Smart - Honda +15.365s
7. Brian Clark - Honda +15.414s
8. Joe Dickinson - Honda +17.068s
9. Chester Lusk - Honda +17.370s
10. Ryan Saxelby - Honda +23.480s

Championship positions: 1. Michael Wilcox, 111pts; 2. John Pearson, 80pts; 3. Thomas Bridewell, 76pts; 4. Midge Smart, 58pts; 5. Lee Longden, 50pts; 6. Danny Coutts, 48pts; =7. Chester Lusk, 44pts; =7. Paul Veazey, 44pts; 9. Christian Elkin, 41pts; 10. Kris Weston, 40pts.

Pic credit: DDS Photographic.