Jay Kay, front man for international funk rock group Jamiroquai, is now riding a Rizla Suzuki GSX-R600 - and he loves it!

The larger-than-life hat-toting singer is well known for his love of cars and speed and it wasn't difficult for the Rizla Suzuki British Superbike team to encourage him to try two wheels instead of four.

"I've only done a couple of hundred miles on my Rizla Suzuki and it's incredible fun, but I'm starting to learn what tossers car drivers really can be," said Jay.

That doesn't mean that he has gone off cars - no chance. He's recently bought a ?450,000 Enzo Ferrari capable of more than 200mph. For him to get out of a Supercar and get on his GSX-R600 and be intoxicated by the performance is a testament to the thrill of riding on two wheels.

Jay, who rides in Rizla Suzuki replica leathers with the name 'Space Kowboy' on the back, said: "The bike has a lot of performance and I am new to riding it. It is a different sort of speed to four-wheels. When you are riding you are out in the air and close to the road, you aren't sealed in like you are in a car, it is fantastic.

"It is amazing how much concentration it takes to ride a bike, and I am aching in places I didn't know it was possible, it is a lot more physical than sitting in a car.

"When I ride my Rizla Suzuki GSX-R600, I feel attached to it and can control the whole package with my wrist. It is very different from a car and I am loving it."

Jay, 33, admits to reaching 195mph in a car but is promising to take his time learning the ropes on his bike.

"I am building my confidence," explained Jay, who has visited two British Superbike meetings this year as a guest of the Rizla Suzuki team to cheer on riders John Reynolds and Yukio Kagayama. "I have just passed my test and to jump onto something like this needs you to treat it with respect.

"It will take some time for me to learn and I'd like to explore the limits on track and maybe shred the knobblies off my tyres. The tyres are shiny and I have seen that before on cars, I need to run them in gently."

So far the funk rocker who is going on tour in July and is working on another album, admits to taking the bike to 11,000rpm - that's shy of the 13,000+rpm redline and means he's not yet experienced the Suzuki's awesome power band.

"I'll open it up a bit more in good time," he smiled. "Clicking down a gear or two on the motorways and opening it up is addictive. The GSX-R600 is beautifully balanced and precise, it's a wonderful bike to ride. Once I build up my confidence a bit more it will be fantastic."

Jay is planning on joining triple British Superbike Champion Niall Mackenzie for some tuition on a track day at Donington Park soon and will also be bringing his Enzo Ferrari to the Rizla Suzuki Challenge, a shoot-out between the best Supercars and the Rizla Suzuki GSX-R1000 replica Superbike around a track.

"I think the bike might just win it," admits Jay.