Two of the ACU Academy's biggest stars will be showing their talents on a Channel 4 television show in the UK next month.

Called Wannabe Biker, the episode of the Real Science series focuses on bike enthusiast Sheela Hollywood as she tries her hand at various aspects of motorcycling. Sheela wants to make a career out of biking, but needs to get some experience under her belt.

Starting with a day's wheelie course courtesy of Jimmy Fireblade, Sheela then moves on to some track action with ACU Academy road race rider Jon-Boy Lee. Whilst at the track, she also learns about crash helmet and tyre technology from Arashi's Tim Walpole and Avon Tyre's Leo Smith respectively. Then it's time for a visit to Honda Racing's workshops to meet Honda Racing's Simon Buckmaster and look at the materials involved in frames and wheels.

Sheela's next test is trials riding. Tuition from former British Trials champion Steve Saunders and ACU Trials Academy star and new British Ladies Trials champion Donna Fox leads to Sheela attending a Women's Trials meet and learning just how demanding the sport is.

The final conclusion is that, to be a star of track or trials, you really need to start soon after you learn to walk. However, there are plenty of other opportunities in the world of two-wheeled motorsport and Sheela is considering everything from mechanic work to journalism.

The show is one of a series of programmes broadcast as part of Channel 4's educational schedule. The target audience is 14-17 year-old secondary school children, with a focus on showing how science has real and meaningful application in some very exciting areas.

ACU Academy manager Dave Luscombe is delighted that the Academy is to be showcased in this type of programme.

"Motorcycle sport has much more to offer young people than many realise," he said, "Actually riding a motorcycle is only the tip of the iceberg.

"Whilst finding talented riders is vital for the future development of motorcycle sport, finding young people who wish to have an exciting career as engineers, mechanics or even in a managerial role is also crucial. This show does a brilliant job of showing the diversity of choice in our industry for young people with imagination and enthusiasm."

The show Real Science - Wannabe Biker goes out at 10.20am on Monday 3 November on Channel Four.