Michael Rutter stole the win from Yukio Kagayama on the last lap of British Superbikes from Croft in the first race. Kagayama missed a gear on the final lap, handing the lead to Rutter who then took a well needed race win.

Scott Smart took a hard earned third. He got a good start which saw him in third behind Kagayama and James Haydon.

On the third lap Smart put a move on Haydon into Hairpin bend, to take second.

Kagayama marched off into the distance but a determined Smart closed the gap by the tenth lap and was challenging him for the lead. However, Smart made a mistake on the 15th lap which allowed Kagayama to draw a small buffer.

Rutter had a bad start that saw him down to sixth, but he managed to claw his way back to the front.

By the 16th lap had taken second placed Smart and was closing on Kagayama for the lead.

Rutter chased down Kagayama and remained on his back wheel, occasionally showing him the front of his bike going into corners. Rutter's pressure seemed to work as on the final lap Kagayama missed a gear allowing Rutter to take the win.

Kagayama's displeasure was evident as he tried to re-take the lead, accelerating so hard he was lifting the front wheel all over the remainder of the lap.

John Reynolds also had a less than perfect race .

He managed to place himself into fifth on the first lap and showed some promise of taking a top three position until mid race distance when Rutter took his third place.

He then succumbed to Ryuichi Kiyonari with only four laps to go.

Race one top ten
1. Michael Rutter HM Honda
2. Yukio Kagayama Rizla Suzuki
3. Scott Smart Hawk Kawasaki
4. Ryuichi Kiyonari HM Honda
5. John Reynolds Rizla Suzuki
6. James Haydon Virgin Yamaha
7. Sean Emmett Monstermob Ducati
8. Dean Thomas Sendo Ducati
9. Tommy Hill Virgin Yamaha
10. John McGuinness Hawk kawasaki