MG XPOWER girls Liz Buncombe, Rachel Palmer and Catherine Taylor Dawson spend most of their weekends with MG sunbathing and dancing on top of the MG XPOWER support vehicles, but in midst of all this at Brands Hatch they managed to take a well earned break and discuss their role for MG.

"We strut around and make sure we look good," explains Rachel, and judging by the attention the girls get at the circuits they certainly do a good job of this. "We spend a lot of time doing our hair, rearranging our cleavage and sunbathing," elaborates Catherine, whereas for Liz the best bit is dancing on top of the MG XPOWER support vehicles. After all this they even make time to hand out promotional material...

"When you hand out a brochure a very common comment is - does it have your phone number in it?" explains Catherine. So do they ever give out their numbers? "Only if you're very special..." For those brave enough to try there's a lot of competition to impress the girls. "There's a lot of men smiling and a lot of men waving at you," explain the girls in chorus, "probably because of what we're wearing; tight trousers, low cut tops; we're here to attract the men to the MG."

When they're not working for MG the girls have rather interesting other pursuits. "In my spare time I'm working towards being a solo artist, a recording artist, so I'm looking for a record deal," explains Catherine. Any songs about the MG XPOWER BTCC effort? "No, but it could be arranged..."

Rachel meanwhile is looking to move into modelling and promotion work full time,
"I like meeting people, you get to travel around loads, you never get bored it's just very interesting," she explains, "you're not sat down on a seat all the time, you're not doing the same old thing over and over again." As for Liz, she's a full time student in her second year of a Biotechnology degree.

So what do they make of the drivers? "I like Anthony Reid, he seems really cool, really laid back, just really cool actually," says Catherine. "Colin seems quite sweet, I think he's quite shy but I'm not sure" (watch out Colin, she might try to find out!)

"I think they're all focused and I really admire them for that," continues Catherine. No mention of Warren though - looks like Mr. Hughes might have to try splashing on some more Old Spice...

Still, at least Warren has the advantage of wearing a race suit. "It's very sexy," explains Catherine about the race suited drivers, "especially when they've got their helmets on..." adds Rachel.

Being part of the MG XPOWER support at events goes down well with the girls. "It's very powerful and I think the whole thing about MG is just wicked, I think our car looks the best, I really like the colours," Catherine explains.

AER, the company that develops the MG XPOWER engine for the BTCC MG ZS might have soon have some new recruits judging by the girls' attention to the engines. "We were sat just by the Honda and their engine just sounded really rough, whereas the MG sounds dead smooth," says Rachel. "Very rich and velvety but with depth, it sounds wicked - I was impressed by the sound," adds Catherine.

This was not the only observation the girls made. "The MG was the only car that drives up to the waiting compound before the race - all the other cars were towed," observes Liz.

As for their outfits, the girls have their own plans for the next set of clothing they'll be wearing, something for the cold weather and, rest assured, something small to wear when the weather is hot - and there'll be plenty of leg on show the girls promise.

You too can meet the MG XPOWER girls. All you need to do is go to the next British Touring Car Championship meeting. You'll soon notice the girls; they'll be the ones wearing the tight lycra...

The MG XPOWER girls:

Liz Buncombe:
21 year old brunette, 5'7", student at University of Hertfordshire studying Biotechnology, likes the gym and to swim.

Rachel Palmer:
22 year old red head, full time model, loves going to the gym, exercising, loves to socialise, meeting new people and going out with friends, loves to go clubbing.

Catherine Taylor Dawson:
23 year old blonde, Singer/songwriter - solo, plays guitar and piano, party animal and performer, loves meeting new people, travelling and learning, and all that goes with it. Loves the whole racing thing, the sound of engines and speed is very sexy and gives her a real buzz.