In the latest column for VXR, Page Three model Nikkala Stott talks about her weekend with the VX Racing team during the penultimate round of the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch.

My name in Nikkala and I'd guess you would probably know me from Page Three in the Sun, but I also do shoots for all the 'lads mags' and a lot of car magazines as well, things like Max Power.

It's through the Sun and its sponsorship of VX Racing that I ended up at Brands Hatch and it was great, I loved it. When I first found out that I was going to be working on the Sunday I wasn't keen, but then I remembered that it was because I was going to the racing which changed everything - I loved it and wasn't in a rush to go home! I wouldn't say I am the biggest motorsport fan but I do watch it when I'm at home. My dad always sits down to watch it when it's on TV and if am round there then I'll sit down with him.

It was really good to get to see what goes on behind the scenes with the team and it was actually really interesting. There is a lot more goes into it than you see at home when it is just the cars going round. When you are at the circuit and in the garage and there are so many people doing so many jobs, it is really fascinating.

However, for me, things didn't really go to plan during the day. We had three drivers to choose from and I chose Gavin Smith. The poor bloke then drove into the wall at the start of the first race so I clearly wasn't a good luck charm for him! I went out onto the grid for the start of the second race with my big sign and my car didn't turn up because the team were still fixing it in the garage. When I came off the grid I said to the team 'I've been stood up!' and I'd had to walk the furthest because we have to go to the front of the grid and then take up our positions - and I was at the back.

However, it's always quite fun to do events like that because you get to meet a lot of different people. It's nice to go to a studio and do a shoot, but we usually go to the same studios and are working with the same people so it's a bit of variation and we get to meet people we normally wouldn't - like the drivers.

Of the three drivers, I don't know which one would be my favourite. Tom seems to be the one who everyone likes and he is quite cute actually, but I'm going to stick with Gavin and be faithful to my man.

I think going along to Brands Hatch could turn me into a bit of BTCC fan and I would be willing to go back again. It's hard because I work all week and then the racing is on at a weekend - which is when I like to be lazy around the house and just relax! But I promise to watch it on the TV...

Everyone asks me what I'd like to do when I finish modelling and after watching the guys in action, I might have to learn how to do it because it looks so much fun. I'm not sure I'd be any good but I could give it a go!

Nikkala x

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