Jason Plato made a solid start to the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship finale at Thruxton, setting the fifth quickest time in opening practice despite the burns he sustained in an accident while filming for Fifth Gear earlier this week.

The SEAT man, who leads Fabrizio Giovanardi by nine points in the standings, suffered burns to his face, neck and hands in the incident but was only 0.192secs off the pace set by Matt Neal during the session - and just two places behind his title rival.

"I'm sore but when I'm in the car, adrenaline is a great painkiller and the team have changed some things in the car to make me more comfortable," he told Crash.net Radio. "We've taken some load out of the gearbox so it changes gear easier but that has meant we've had to change some stuff on the engine mapping.

"I'm changing gear differently to make it easier on my hands but I'm ok, I have some painkillers on board at the minute to help me. I feel pretty good in the car to be honest and it's good to be back working with the guys.

"I was happy with the lap but it wasn't the great as I had traffic at Goodwood. We've made some changes with the car and I think we are in reasonably good shape. Darren ran with weight in that session so he will take that out and he will be quick - he should be looking for pole."

Plato added that he was glad to be back at work this weekend rather than sat at home, where certain adverts on TV were starting to get on his nerves...

"I'm much happier being here, it's like my home, and its better being here than being sat at home watching day-time TV," he said. "All I've been subjected to is 'Had an accident or a fall at work?' or 'Where there's blame there's a claim - we'll work on a no win, no fee basis' and all that stuff so it's nice to be here away from that crap!

"I feel good in myself and my motivation is up. You can say I'm in a bit of pain but that crap doesn't sit well with me. I have a job to do, for myself and all the guys who have worked hard this year and I won't let them down."