Legendary driver Steve Soper, who has this year contended the British Touring Car Championship, will be travelling to Macau next week along with Vic Lee and Team VLR to run in the prestigious Asian Street Race that will be taking place on Saturday 17th November.

Steve Soper is no stranger to international racing, with Macau being his long time favourite after claiming his 1997 victory in this touring race.

Steve Soper's other international achievements include his 1987 Nurburgring 24 hour win, to accompany race wins at the Spa 24 hour race in both 1992 and 1995, and 4th position in the highly acclaimed Le Mans 24 Hour in which Soper took the title of highest Britain to finish. The list is endless, and provides conclusive evidence that Steve Soper will certainly be favourite to take this years Macau title.

Vic Lee and his accomplished team also have previous experience at this renowned Macau circuit, and will run Steve Soper's car in connection with the teams Asian counterpart Edwin Tso of WK Longman racing, based in Hong Kong. Soper will be racing a winning Peugeot 306 Gti6, a car built and run by VLR for Toni Ruokonen to contend the 2000 National Saloon Car Championship.

The 4.5-mile circuit will certainly be a testing run for both car and driver, with a speed diversity ranging from 30 mph to 130 mph, but these conditions should suit the geometrical design of the extensively developed Peugeot 306.

Steve Soper has been out testing at Silverstone, to initially introduce himself to any differences between the 406 and 306 Peugeots. Steve Soper comments: "I'm pleased I've had a chance to test the 306 and find it's limits before we headed out for the narrow streets of Macau, I had good feedback from data gathered while at Silverstone and I'm now just looking forward to getting back out there."

Vic Lee, Managing Director of VLR Ltd, added: "We were pleased to see how quickly Steve has adapted to the 306, with respectable and consistent times, we will certainly be looking for a good result."