Terry Grant debuted his MG XPOWER Legend at the Road Racing and Superbike Show at Alexandra Palace in London last weekend, putting on a stunning display with the MG XPOWER Girls for the large crowd.

The stunt ace used the unique abilities of the MG-liveried Legend car to perfection, performing with his trademark precision and featuring some of the stunts for which he has become legendary - standing on the car whilst it is spinning round and spinning round a stationary, and brave, glamorous assistant.

"We're having a fabulous time here," says Terry. "The crowds have been really up for it and we're packing them in - for five shows a day.

"I'm really enjoying myself - even though it is my job! We had the MG XPOWER girls here for the first weekend - they're back for more next weekend - and they've really enjoyed it too. We've got a temporary roadway built on top of an ice rink to perform on, but it's going well and it's great that our first performance in MG colours is such a big success."

As well as displaying his talents at British Touring Car Championship meetings this year, Terry will be wearing his MG colours in front of a host of other audiences.