Vauxhall Racing is currently enjoying continued success in the 2003 British Touring Car Championship and, as the series heads towards the halfway point at Rockingham Motor Speedway, Vauxhall will celebrate the company's centenary at this race event with a display of heritage cars.

The heritage cars on display at Rockingham will include a 1903 5hp car, the first Vauxhall model ever built; a 1959 PA Velox, a 1971 Ventora, a 1991 Lotus Carlton, the special edition 2001 Astra Coupe Triple 8 and the 1911 Vauxhall C-Type Prince Henry.

It is planned for VX Racing driver, James Thompson, to get behind the wheel of this historic example for a 'test drive' during the race weekend.

Earlier this year a 1000 mile Trial was staged to celebrate 100 years of Vauxhall car manufacturing in the UK. This unique event, featuring a range of over 70 cars from the past 10 decades, was a two-week tour retracing the 1000 mile trial of 1900. The route took in 24 locations, starting from a supermarket car park in Vauxhall, South London - where the first Vauxhall car was built 100 years ago and finishing at Vauxhall's brand new state-of-the-art Motorbodies car showroom in Luton, near its UK headquarters. The oldest of the 65 cars which was driven the full route of the 1000 mile Trial this year was the Prince Henry which Thompson is set to try at Rockingham.

The original trial of 1900 was the inspiration of Claude Johnson, secretary of the Automobile Club of Great Britain, and was designed to prove to a sceptical British public that the car was a reliable and practical mode of transport. Many motoring historians argue that it was the most important public demonstration of the motor vehicle to date. The 2003 route - which covered 1,200-miles - was modified slightly from the original, to take account of modern traffic and road conditions.