Team PSP's new Malaysian driver, Fariqe Hairuman is being put through his paces by Norfolk's top sports fitness trainer before competing in next year's British Touring Car Championship.

Paul Jewiss is working with 20-year-old Hairuman of Team Petronas Syntium Proton [Team PSP] to help him reach the high levels of fitness and endurance necessary for top-flight racing drivers.

Working in his gymnasium at Reymerston Golf Club, Jewiss is developing a training programme tailored to Hairuman's needs and personal fitness after detailed assessment and analysis.

"Racing a 280bhp Touring Car demands high levels of physical fitness, strength and stamina especially in the lower back, abdomen, shoulder and neck muscles," said Jewiss, "A tailored and planned fitness regime will ensure Fariqe can give his best on track throughout the race weekend."

Mike Carroll, Team PSP's technical director, added: "Winning in motorsport means getting the best from all aspects of the race package - including the driver. Fitness and stamina is essential, especially in BTCC where the workload on race day is very high.

"The drivers may have to contend with a practice session and two 45-minute races in often very high ambient heat wearing multiple-layer race suits. It's not for the flabby or faint-hearted. We're delighted that an experienced specialist like Paul is on hand in Norfolk to help us mount the strongest challenge next season."

Jewiss has 10 years' experience training motor sport professionals, among whom are Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralph Firman, both current Formula 1 drivers. Jewiss has worked with Team PSP on driver fitness since May 2003.