A stunning new MG ZS was recently spied by Crash.net and if it's bound for the British Touring Car Championship it could certainly blow away all other challengers.

The car, seen on the MG Sport and Racing stand at last weekend's Xtreme Wheels International show at Alexandra Palace, makes use of the very latest MG ZS bodywork, albeit with some modification.

With over 900hp available the modified ZS can cover the standing quarter in 8.7 seconds, enough to seriously blow away all current cars in the BTCC field which feature a puny three hundred or so horsepower.

However, any thoughts for race glory could be extinguished when this particular MG gets to a corner as the chassis isn't currently optimised for going round bends.

Getting this particular MG into the BTCC might present rather a lot of difficulties as it pays absolutely no attention whatsoever to the current rules, as it is designed and built for drag racing.

Hopes that BTCC boss Alan Gow can be collared after consuming copious amounts of Australia's finest red wine and persuaded to grant a special dispensation seem to be the only hope.

For now this MG will be seen in the National Drag Racing Series with driver Chris Johnson at the wheel and its season starts at the end of March at Santa Pod in the UK.