The British Touring Car Championship makes a return to the BBC with Team Halfords driver Dan Eaves appearing on prime time on Britain's oldest and favourite television channel with his role in Road Rage School.

Thruxton triple race winner in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, Dan Eaves leaves the race track to sample drivers out in the real world for the BBC show and comes back with some fresh insights and scares from what people do behind the wheel.

"The two that I had were absolute fruit cakes," said Dan of his drivers for the first programme in the series. "They drove at 120 mph absolutely everywhere, overtook people, undertook people, beeped the horn, effed and blinded at people and were a general nuisance really." For those drivers however, tables are soon turned when Dan takes to the track and shows them the high speeds that can be achieved in the Honda Integra Type R when driven by a racing driver on a race track."

"I took them to the race track and showed them how it should be done and the one girl was actually violently sick in the car!"

When he's behind the wheel himself Dan rates himself as a very calm driver, though if you're ever temped to take on a transit in the Cotswolds be wary - the white van man might be Dan! Eaves, in his time away from the BTCC and the BBC works as a builder for his father's construction company.

"I'm pretty relaxed behind the wheel on the roads, pretty slow," he says. "It's almost a bit of a relief and a bit of respite to get away from the action on track to the relative calm of the roads."

Dan can be seen in action in Road Rage School in the UK on Wednesday night at 7pm on BBC1.