Rob Huff took his second win in the British Touring Car Championship after a fantastic start in the final race of the day at Snetterton.

After a very quick red light period at the start the front row of Luke Hines and Anthony Reid were caught out, whilst Huff was the man to win through, taking first place by the second corner.

It was just a split second's hesitation from Hines and Reid at the head of the grid which caused the interest at the head of the field as the final race of the day in the series started. Behind Hines Jason Plato had made a fantastic getaway only to have to go hard on the brakes to avoid the car ahead, and then Plato dropped through the field as he struggled with gear selection problems.

It was a complete contrast for Plato's team-mate Rob Huff as he made his start. From eighth on the grid Huffy was through to second and right with Muller at the first corner and by the next corner the BTCC rookie was through and into the lead.

Come the end of the first lap the top ten lined up Huff, Muller, Reid, Thompson, Hines, Chilton, Turkington, Eaves, Collard, Hodgetts. Plato's poor getaway had left him thirteenth and with everything to do to try and work through the field again, like he had achieved in race two, but this time with a heavy car.

Up front everything was shaping up well for an epic battle, and with Thompson passing Anthony Reid's WSR MG the interest would always be focused on the two title protagonists, Muller and Thompson. Thompson had the lighter car and the title points lead, but Muller's Astra was very, very wide.

Further back in the field the third VX Racing driver, Luke Hines, was displaying his own variety of havoc as he punted Tom Chilton sideways into the gravel as he looked for a pass. Chilton had already lost a place to Colin Turkington on the same lap.

Whilst Chilton's Honda was in the gravel another was making good moves through the field as Matt Neal stormed through the field to make up for his retirement from race two. Neal would soon be right with team-mate Dan Eaves who flat-spotted his tyres early on in the race. Both Hondas were soon charging down on the battle at the front.

All Huff had to do at the head of the field was keep everything together. Muller did close in on him initially, but as soon as he had Thompson with him it was a case of the Frenchman being ever vigilant on the man behind.

Thompson, playing fair and not resorting to contact, was permanently glued to Muller's rear bumper but never did find a way past the Frenchman as the title battle will go down the wire to the final three rounds at Donington Park.

Behind the two Astras, Anthony Reid kept in touch but was ultimately closed down by the rapid Computeach Racing with Halfords Civics. Eaves tried unsuccessfully to get past the Scotsman, but then team-mate Matt Neal was let past his team-mate and his move on Reid did the trick.

Huff took the chequered flag to rapturous applause at his home circuit whilst Muller kept his car wide for second, resisting the pressure from team-mate James Thompson all the way.

The championship battle is well and truly alive for the final round at Donington Park...

Top ten
1. Rob Huff
2. Yvan Muller
3. James Thompson
4. Matt Neal
5. Anthony Reid
6. Dan Eaves
7. Colin Turkington
8. Luke Hines
9. Stefan Hodgetts
10. Jason Plato

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